Monday, August 1, 2016

Scottoiler (automatic chain oiler) for the 690

You don't often see dirt bikes with an automatic oiler, but since my bike spends most of its life in easy riding conditions, I've been thinking about one for a while. I've always been amazed at how many bikes I see with them here in Germany. Obviously the drawback to this on a dirt bike would be that riding in dusty conditions the chain would pick up lots of dirt.

Found it on sale for €79 (reg. €139).   Installation was pretty straightforward. Don't need to be a mechanical genius to install this, rather, you just need to look at mounting options carefully for your particular bike.

Conclusion:  I should have gotten one of these a long time ago.  I plan to buy another one before the sale ends (so I can install it on the new Kawasaki Versys).

Just spent 3 days riding around Poland and pretty much used up the whole reservoir (will need to be filled soon).  I covered about 1,100 Kms, mostly asphalt but probably 300 Kms of light offroad riding. During the first day I was fiddling around with the flow control setting. By the end of the first day, I had found just the right setting to get the right amount of oil.

Mounted the oil reservoir here.

the hose which feeds oil to the chain is run along the bottom of the swing arm,
and secured using the bolt that holds the chain guide. Bend the metal piece a little
to keep the needle pressing slightly against the sprocket.

Here you can see the oil hose coming from the right side of the bike
where the oil reservoir is mounted, in front of the mud guard and
on the inside of the swing arm. Seems to work well.