Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3-day solo ride in Poland

Had 3 day weekend so I decided to explore some rural areas of Poland. Back roads, logging roads, forest trails. Tried to stay away from big highways.  Excellent trip overall.  Three full days of riding, average 300 Kms per day, about 1/2 of it was non-asphalt surfaces, with the exceptions being the main ride from Berlin to the Polish border, and back again. Most of the riding within Poland was dirt roads and grassy trails.

Paid a small fee for safe parking beside the 24/hr guard hut. 
Worth the peace of mind.

Google Maps sent me to this hotel, which has been closed for some time, 
but now under renovations. A local guy told me it hasn't been operating for a few years.  
Thanks Google.

Ended up staying at this sketchy looking place, which turned out to be fantastic.

The woman who runs the place is very friendly and helpful. 
She arranged to get me an iPhone charger after I learned that I conveniently forgot mine.

Saw this at the gas station. 
Honda NSR125 two-stroke