Saturday, March 12, 2016

FOR SALE: KTM 1190 Adventure R

Selling the 1190. Since it's a Euro-spec bike, I cannot bring it back to Canada with me when my posting is finished. And while I still have 2 years before my posting will end, I already know that I won't be taking this bike on any big trips in that time, so it makes sense to sell it now while it's still worth something.

I will keep the 690, because that bike is a North American-specification motorcycle. It's more than capable for short trips lasting only a few days, and that is all I will be able to manage over the next two years.

The 1190 has been an awesome machine but if I can't travel with it, then there's no point in keeping it around. Here are the photos I used in the ad.

I cleaned it up nicely, and removed all of the upgrade goodies, having returned the bike to original condition. I've already sold the luggage racks, aluminium pannier boxes, and Akrapovic slip-on. The buyer got a package deal bargain for all of those parts @ €1,200. I should have no trouble collecting another €500 for the skid plate and Touratech seat. I hope to sell the bike for €10,500. If so, then that brings me within €300 of what I paid for the bike with the upgrades last year.