Sunday, March 13, 2016

690 valve clearance check

Since the weather has been cool, damp and gloomy, I decided I should take a few minutes to check the valves in the 690.  It's got 7,500 Kms on the odometer now and they've never been checked.

Airbox removed. A few hoses and electrical connectors in the way.
That round silver thing with the brake lines attached is the ABS sending unit.

5 minutes later, valve cover removed.

I also decided I would pull the coils and remove 
the spark plugs to have a look.

The ignition coils are built-into the spark plug boots.

This is my 30-year old feeler gauge.
KTM service manual says my valves should be 
somewhere between 0.07mm and 0.13mm (0.0028" and 0.0051"). 
While I don't have those exact gauges, I should be fine. If I really had to, 
I could whip out my calculator and add a couple of thinner ones together 
to achieve the desired thickness but I should be fine with these. 

Both intake valves were 0.076mm 
Exhausts were 0.102mm (left) and 0.127mm (right)
All four need to be 0.07mm and 0.13mm, so the intake valves 
are just within spec but at the tight end, while the exhausts are at 
the loose end of the spec range.  Fine for now, but I'll think about some 
shims for the next time --probably later this summer.

Removed the rocker arms to have a closer look at the rollers. 

All good there.

Might was well inspect the teeny tiny inline fuel filter 
(inside the fuel hose coupler just behind the injector).

Shoulda just bought a new one, but 
a quick squirt of WD-40 and it's clean again.

filer re-inserted

Gave the plugs a quick cleaning with a wire brush, and checked the gap.
Interesting to note that they are different thread sizes.
Inner plug: NGK LKAR8BI-9
Outer plug: NGK LMAR7A-9
Gap: 0.9 mm (0.035")

Cleaned the valve cover before reinstalling it.