Sunday, September 13, 2015

Maintenance and trip preparations

In just one week, some friends from Canada and the US will be landing in Berlin and we'll set out on a 12-day ride around Europe. Time to do some motorcycle maintenance.

I will be riding my 1190, and one of my buddies will take my 690.  The tires on  the 1190 have some tread left on them, but I don't got a lot of confidence to run them for this entire trip, which I expect will be ~5,000 kms. So, for peace of mind, I've ordered a new set.  Also, both bikes will need fresh oil and filters.

dirty filter and screens from the 1190

3 Litres of Silkolene 10W50 synthetic for the 1190, 
and topped up with another ~ 300 mL of Motorex 10W60 
(my preferred oil for the 690)

The filter for the 1190

Skid plate re-installed, now for tires.