Saturday, July 11, 2015

Recent farkles

Haven't posted in a while. Been quite busy travelling for work and pleasure. Haven't been riding a whole lot, but I do spend the odd evening tinkering in the garage.

Replaced the broken spring on the rear brake pedal. 
These are an issue on the 2014 model for some reason.

For my high beam, I decided to try a clear polycarbonate lens protector 
instead of the wide beam diffuser lens. The X-Vision LED Halo 
3.75" Optimus Rounds are terrific lights. They are a 15 degree 
beam pattern. Works well like this for a long spot.  

Found out that the KTM 350 SX/SX-F clutch lever is a direct swap 
for the 2014-15 Enduro 690. It's a shorty lever. Nice.  
Just €32.... KTM part # 50302031300

Stock 690 clutch lever on top, 350 SX/SX-F lever on the bottom.

KTM Rally Pegs  
Mo betta'

Installing these suckers was no easy feat: between the spring that 
keeps tension on the peg, and the sharp teeth on these rally pegs,
 it's like trying to set a bear trap. Lucky for me I only lost a little
skin off my knuckles.

Out for a long overdue ride today.

Been working on the cockpit lately, too. Cut and bent a sheet of aluminium 
and bolted it to the HDB windscreen mount. Mounted my Garmin, 
LED volt meter, and controller switch for Oxford Adventure heated grips.

Rottweiller mirror mounts.

This inexpensive plastic boat cleat works very well for 
wheeling the bike around the garage. And I can use it if I need 
to tie the bike to a dock or fishing wharf.