Sunday, July 26, 2015

Canada-US visit

I was back home in Ottawa for a visit in late June.  Made a plan to borrow a bike and ride from Ottawa to Fredericton to visit family. My friend Dave was kind enough to lend me his Versys 650, and my good friend and riding buddy John took a few days off work to join me. Instead of taking the most direct route through Ontario and Quebec, we took the long, scenic way, passing through NY, VT, NH, and Maine. Some nice riding roads with lots of interesting scenery.

Once in Maine (~11 hours on the first day) we rolled into my long time friend's 
summer home. A beautiful and luxurious place with 350 feet of waterfront.

My friend Sean lost his lower leg in a bike accident 2 years ago 
(a woman texting on her phone made a left turn in front of him).

Sean and I have known each other for more than 20 years.

What a place to spend your summer.

Sampled some of the local beer. This one was excellent.

Giant steaks for dinner.

This maple flavoured alcohol was a nice after dinner drink.

Checking out the bay at South Bristol, ME.

Somewhere in Maine.

Just about to cross from Maine into New Brunswick.

A quick visit to an old friend in Harvey, NB.

Mom -- checking out the bikes.

Nachos and beer with old friends at the Lunar Rogue Pub in Fredericton, NB.

Saying goodbye to Dad as John and I were setting out for 
the return ride back to Ottawa.

John's eating jerky and drunk on green drink.

Drank this beer in Skowhegan, Me.

Rumford, Maine

Berlin, NH