Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring ride

Last week was terrific spring weather in Berlin... but I was stuck at the office. This weekend was nice but not nearly as warm. Just the same, I managed to get out for a spin on the 690 for a couple of hours on Saturday, and today on the 1190, also for a couple of hours.

This thing rockets down the Autobahn.

About 50 Kms south of Berlin I got off the Autobahn and found a dirt road.
Followed it for about 1/2 mile before there was a gate blocking further access.

Saturday I went to the local BMW dealer (the Touratech shop is there) 
and they had this beast on display.

They had another bike all dressed up in full Touratech attire.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

HDB fairing with Vision-X lights

The Highway Dirt Bikes hand guards, handlebar mounts, fairing and Vision-X Optimus Halo LED lights is pretty much done. I still need to finish the wiring for the Oxford heated grips, and mount the bracket for the Garmin Montana GPS.

Funny how the fairing looks bigger in this photo. 
Lens compression from the camera, I suppose. Just the angle.

side view

Spring flowers in Berlin. 
Definitely need more sun. I've had enough of the gray skies.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Insanely bright LED bulbs for turn signals

I spent a small fortune on some extremely bright blinker bulbs.  They have 18 ultra bright SMD LEDs in a compact package with a BAU15S socket base. I paid an outrageous $25 per bulb. However, none of the other LED bulbs I've ever seen compare in terms of brightness/intensity. These things are nuts.  Hopefully they will help me to be seen on the road.

I bought them here:  Dynamic Motorrad 

Can you guess which side has the 
OEM bulb vs. the new LED bulb??
Shit, these things are bright !