Sunday, December 14, 2014

Highway Dirt Bikes DS Rallye Fairing Lite

Been fitting the pieces together and tinkering with a few other things.  No rush since the weather is shitty these days. Slow but steady progress.

I still have yet to decide what I'll do for lights.  As much as I'd like to get a pair of Cylops Optimus Long Range LED lights with Euro beam lens filters, or maybe Rigid D2's, I really don't want to attract the attention of the cops. To that end, I've decided to search for a lighting solution that is compliant with European standards.

One light I'm considering is this one made by Shin Yo. It's a single projector beam light that does double duty as a low and high beam, and it even has the silly parking light built in. Cheap, and I don't expect it produces awesome light...but for farting around the city, it's not likely to get me in trouble with the law. That would leave the other hole in the fairing available for something like a Cyclops -- which I would use when I'm not in the city. Just ideas at this point in time. Still looking.