Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter farlking

Winter's on the way! Time to stock up on farkles to keep me busy during the cold weather. Look what arrived in the mail:

Highway Dirt Bikes kit:
∙  Ultimate Hand Guards
∙ SXdx top clamp with holes for
2 push-button switches and
4 red LED indicators
top clamp bolt pattern is 90mmx38/40mm
∙ 2 1/8" lower clamps
∙ Computer/dash mount guard
∙ Rallye Lite DS fairing kit
∙ The whole package was $490 USD
+ $45 for shipping to Germany

Motio Pro oil filter magnets to trap metallic debris in the oil filters
Motion Pro RimShields II to help protect the rims from nicks 
and scratches when changing tires

∙ Canyon Dancer tie-down hooks 
fasten them to the fork clamps for when you need to strap the bike down

∙ Atlas neck brace
I saw one of these in a store about a year ago, and I liked it 
much better than the popular Leatt and Alpinestars offerings.