Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wings slip-on muffler

I wasn't after big sound -- in fact, I've grown to like the quiet stealthiness of the OEM exhaust system. But I don't like the thermo-nuclear temperatures that radiate from the OEM muffler.

I ordered a Wings slip-on directly from the manufacturer's website after a brief exchange of emails with the owner, Gorazd Marovic. He's a very nice guy to deal with. Shipped from his factory in Slovenia, it arrived in Berlin just two days later.  €345 was the total price including shipping. The box contained:
  • the muffler
  • a short mid-pipe for attaching the muffler to the OEM header pipe
  • two pipe clamps
  • the muffler hanger clamp with rubber insert
  • a small bottle of lube (for the rubber that sits between the hanger and the muffler body)
  • a sticker sheet
  • a T-shirt 
In my emails back and forth with Gorazd, I asked him to not apply the logo decal plate. Instead, he included it in the box so that I can stick it on myself if I want.

The install was pretty straightforward. I didn't keep track of time, but definitely not more than 30 minutes, and I wasn't rushing.

The OEM nuclear reactor core throws a lot of heat. 
It's also quite heavy... like an anvil. 

This is the baffle insert I decided to use. Sound volume isn't much different 
compared to the stock sound, but the pitch is noticeably deeper.

This is what the pipe clamps look like. I decided to swap out the bolts 
for some stainless steel ones. I had a bunch in my tickle trunk of nuts and bolts.


Here you can see the quiet baffle insert 
inside the sexy carbon end cap.

Here's the before and after sound test recorded with my 
Nikon D3200 DSLR at a distance of 8 feet.