Monday, July 28, 2014

The bling-blitz farkle-fest continues

In the never ending, money draining, shopping spree for bling and farkles, the latest additions are a rear luggage rack from PerunMoto. This guy is a right-on dude from ADVRider who makes a few upgrade pieces for the KTM 690. I previously bought his fuel tank mounting bolt kit. Top notch products and a super nice guy to deal with. Anyhow, the rear luggage rack went on the bike with no fuss, and mated to my existing Wolfman side racks (Wolfman is no longer manufacturing them, unfortunately).

I also ordered a Flatland Racing skid plate from Slavens Racing. Had one of their skid plates on my old WR250 and it was a nice piece for the price. Well made, fits perfectly, and provides solid protection -- all for $89 USD. Hard to beat that. Sure, the Adventure Spec guard or the Touratech piece are nice too, but way too spendy in my opinion.

PerunMoto rear luggage rack
Wolfman side racks

Flatland Racing skid plate

The skid plate is just touching the carbon ignition guard...ever so slightly.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day Ride 2014 - in Germany

Day off today because of Canada Day. Went for a ride north of the city...maybe 150 Kms straight north. Explored a few dirt roads, some trails, I may have been trespassing, more than once. Oh well, it was a very nice day, about 17C.

The odometer is now showing about 850 Kms. Will need to bring it to the dealer for the 1,000 Km first service check.