Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wiring harness protection

KTM does a very shitty job at wiring up this bike. My old Super Duke had sketchy wiring, too. The main harness that runs along the trellis frame is wrapped very poorly using a very cheap quality fabric tape (think hockey stick tape). After a while, it rubs against stuff and you'll end up with weird electrical gremlins, or worse. Also, it's not very well protected from corrosion/moisture.

So, I decided I would wrap as much of it as I could using something of higher quality. I used 3M brand 130C linerless splicing tape. Top quality, stretchy, waterproof, self-sealing.

I also used a kid's art class paint brush to apply dielectric grease to most of the electrical plugs/connectors.

It was tedious and frustrating at times, but I think it's an improvement.

Air box removed, this is what the harness looks like.

Diving into the fuse panel, ECU and battery removed

I wrapped the two leads going to the positive terminal 
on the battery using red electrical tape.

The relays and fuse block, main harness partly done.

the terminal where my thumb is was quite loose. 
Holy fuck! This is a brand new bike.

And for no special reason, a photo of the OEM battery.

Finally, I protected the fuel hose with some split wire loom 
tubing as it is known to rub against the frame over time.