Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rear shock preload adjustment

Jeezus Christ.... using the overpriced KTM spanner wrench (€26 at your friendly neighbourhood KTM shop) you still need to remove the fucking shock from the bike in order to crank the collar up or down the threaded body to increase or decrease the amount of preload on the spring. I was very tempted to use a hammer and a drift but the collar is made of Play Dough or some other similar soft material. I tried, in fact, and was shocked to see how easily the collar was being damaged. So, I shelled out my hard earned cash and bought the fucking wrench.

So, up on the stand, off came the seat, side plastics, voltage regulator, air box (on pre-2014 models the air box can stay when you need to raise the fuel tank on the upper pivot), rear fender, lower tank mount bolt, and the muffler. Then you can raise the entire rear sub-frame/fuel tank assembly, and remove the upper and lower shock bolts.

I cranked the collar and lock-ring about 1/2" in an effort to lower the seat height a little. After getting it all back together, I confirmed it was a success, but I wish I had gone for a full 1" of added preload. Screw it. I'm still way up on my tippy toes, but it's an improvement.

I did this job on the same day that I wrapped the wiring harness. I figured since I was going to be tearing into the electrical system, I might as well do the sock adjustment at the same time.