Sunday, June 8, 2014


A makeover, a facelift. Call it what you want. I wasn't particularly crazy about the white plastics on the 2014 model, so I ordered a bunch of orange body work, and some carbon fibre bling. Also, a SeatConcepts foam and vinyl cover.

Carbon fibre ignition case guard

Carbon fibre clutch case guard

Orange fork guards

This is the 2008 fender which I found used but in
 excellent condition. I like the angular lines and shape
 of it compared to the newer style.

With the new tire

I also removed the rear shock in order to properly turn the 
collar for the spring. I wanted to get my feet a little closer 
to the ground, so I added about 1/2" of preload on the spring. 

Shock removed.

SeatConcepts foam and vinyl cover installed.

All done. Let's ride.

No, wait ... let's stop for a photo shoot first, then ride.