Wednesday, June 25, 2014

KTM factory GPS mount

I happened to be browsing at the KTM shop and saw a Power Parts GPS mount.

KTM part # 76012992044

It has a very nice factory, polished look. Since it mounts directly onto the handlebar clamps, it is less prone to vibrations than clamping the GPS further out on the handlebar. The real bonus is that there is a small hole on the side for installing a power plug. I purchased a powerlet/DIN power socket from a local electronics shop for about 5 bucks. Identical to this. I removed the spring-loaded hinged lid because the socket is completely sheltered from the elements, and also it was hard to get the plug into the socket. Now I can connect my trickle charger or whatever I like.

Here I have mounted my Garmin AMPS rugged powered clamp for the Montana onto the KTM kit's rubber dampened mounting plates.

I also wired up the audio plug from the Garmin AMPS mount, 
along with a digital volt meter. The male spade connectors will be 
connected to the female plugs of the available switched accessory 
circuit which is found behind the headlight. 

Here is the Powerlet/DIN socket and a plug. I connected the male spade connectors to the non-switched (always on) accessory circuit that is found behind the headlight. This way, I can keep the battery on a trickle charge.

The view of the speedometer/dashboard is not obstructed by the GPS.
You can also adjust the angle of the GPS very slightly.

The arrow shows the DIN power socket.