Sunday, May 25, 2014

Orange plastics

I've always liked the bright orange colour of KTM bikes and  I also appreciate the extra visibility it can give when riding in traffic. Since the first 690 Enduro came out in 2008, the colours have been a varied mix of orange, black, and white plastics. You don't get to choose -- the colours change each year. When I decided to buy a 2014 Enduro, I figured I would probably change the plastics from white/black to full orange. And it probably makes sense to do it while the original plastics are still clean and free of scrapes and scuffs. That way, I could sell them for a decent price, or maybe just put them away to swap them back at a later date.

In any event, I ordered up a bunch of pieces at my dealer: front & rear fenders, headlight mask, fork protectors, and the euro LED brake light with mud guard. Total: €227. 

Then a couple of days later, I was browsing a local classified website (Kleinanzeigen) and found an ad from a guy 50 Kms away selling the same parts, more or less, for €200 with shipping. The bonus was that this guy's kit included the old style fender (KTM part #7650801000004) which has a flatter and more angular shape. This particular fender is no longer available to purchase new: it has been superseded by the new, rounder, floppier style fender (KTM part #76508010028). Overall, the used eBay plastics are in very good shape, with only some very minor scuff marks. I'd say condition is 8.5/10.

I happened to have €400 sitting in my PayPal account anyway: last week I sold the aftermarket Fresco carbon fibre mufflers which I removed from the Super Duke before doing the trade-in.

So now it looks like I've got three sets of plastic body panels:
the original whites, the new orange ones, and the used eBay orange ones.

Used plastics from eBay, and new plastics from the dealer.