Sunday, May 4, 2014

GPS mount, USB plug, Volt meter

AMPS rugged mount with audio and power leads for Garmin Montana, 
along with a RAM B-347 ball. In an effort to reduce vibrations to the GPS 
as much as possible, I glued three layers of 3/8" rubber mat together, and I used 
four 2" screws on each side (total of 8) rather than just four long bolts all the way 
through with nylon lock-nuts. 

I bought this Voltmeter about 5 years ago on eBay
and misplaced it until recently.  Figured I should make use of it.

Trimmed the long 5' length of wires supplied with the Garmin 
mount, cut and re-spliced the audio jack about 18" from the mount,
and also spliced in the Voltmeter, as well as male spade connectors 
to plug into the available connections behind the headlight housing. The 
"Accessory 2" circuit is switched and fused from the factory. How convenient.

Voltmeter working

Weather-resistant USB plug from Wal-Mart. Trimmed the wires to about 
18" then crimped & soldered male spades with heat-shrink tubing. This will be 
connected to the always on "accessory 1" circuit located behind the headlight.

It is temporarily mounted with zip ties for now. I will figure out a 
more permanent mount later.

Very functional and solid mount with very little vibes transferred to the GPS.

Went for a ride to test out the new mods. Nice.