Sunday, May 4, 2014

First oil change

169 Kms on the odometer --  time for the first oil change.

Two bottles of Motorex Cross Power 4T 10W60 synthetic oil
(a.k.a. KTM snake oil)
€46...ouch! That's $70 USD for fuck's sake.

This bike is so special, it takes TWO oil filters. Not outrageously priced,
 fortunately: €12 for both.  Also, there are two plastic/metal 
screens which need to be cleaned.
KTM # 75038046100 - short filter
KTM # 58038005100 - long filter

Both screens were pretty dirty with metal filings.

Both screens, cleaned and ready to be re-installed.

The magnetic oil drain plug had lots of metallic crud stuck to it.

Nice of KTM to include a magnetic plug from the factory. 
Don't know why other bike manufacturers aren't doing this.