Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Out with the old...

My new 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R arrived at the dealer about a week ago. It's ready to go now, except for the transfer of the license plate and registration. Still taking care of the paperwork for that, but I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be the day.

In any event, I traded in the Super Duke for a credit of €4,800 off the €9,000 sticker price for the Enduro. Sure, the big LC8 would be worth more if I were to sell it privately but I don't speak German so trying to sell a bike when you don't speak the language isn't something I was looking forward to. Also, I like the convenience aspect of just handing over the keys during the trade-in. Simple, fast...too easy.

We worked out the details of the trade and I paid out the balance of the invoice for the new Enduro. Done.

For about 15 minutes, I was the proud owner of two KTM motorcycles. 
Here they are parked next to eachother on the sidewalk just in front 
of KTM MOTORRAD GST Berlin GmbH on Danziger Strasse.