Thursday, April 10, 2014

Home at last

Earlier today I found out the license plate transfer was going to take a few more days than expected for my new 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R (long story). Being the cowboy hooligan-type that I am, I said "fuck it" and decided to ride it home from the dealer without a damn license plate. I'm sooo bad ass!

As expected, this bike is a hoot. It builds power just like the Super Duke: it comes on strong as soon as you begin to twist the throttle. And it pulls harder and harder as the revs increase. When it gets up to 6-7,000 rpm, things get frightening. The front wheel comes up quite easily in the first 3 gears with input only from the throttle. I think I'm really gonna like this bike.

She's now home safe and sound, resting in the garage. The really sad part is that tomorrow after work, I will load the wife and kids into the car and drive 1,700 Kms from Berlin to the South of France for 16 days. Isn't that the shits?  I bring home my new bike today, and tomorrow I'm leaving town in a car for over 2 weeks.

Canadians won't like the name of the dealer where I bought the bike.

The old Super Duke is now for sale on the sidewalk in front of the KTM shop.
Asking price is €6,100 (dealer allowed me €4,800 on trade). I hope he can
make a few bucks.

0 kms

Verkauft  =  SOLD !

Shiny and new