Sunday, February 23, 2014

New battery

The Super Duke's battery first gave me trouble about 3 weeks after I bought the bike in the fall. It left me stranded at work twice (and I gave it a boost using a small 8-cell AntiGravity LiFePo battery). It also happened 3 or 4 times in the morning at my parking garage -- even after the bike had spent the night on the trickle charger. The battery would simply run out of steam if the engine wasn't in the mood to fire up immediately. 6-8 seconds on the start button was enough to drain it completely. I checked all the connections and found nothing, except for the date stamp on the battery -- from 2007.

I called the dealer after the 2nd time this happened to let them know the battery might be faulty (or just plain old). Last week I finally brought the bike in so they could check it. In the end, they installed a new battery at no charge (any dealer who sells a used vehicle in Germany is required to offer a warranty). No idea what brand/model of battery they installed. The service centre was not open when I picked it up, only the sales people were there and they had no idea.