Thursday, September 12, 2013

New ride - KTM 990 Super Duke

It's been about 6 weeks since I moved to Berlin, Germany and about 3 months since I sold the WR250, and 5 months since I sold the DR650. My search for a bike in Berlin began before I arrived. The website was my primary search tool.

I managed to find a very nice specimen in beautiful condition with low mileage: a 2006 KTM 990 Super Duke. Bought it from a local BMW shop that took it as a trade-in. I went for an hour long test ride last Saturday. Lots of power, comfy riding position, awesome brakes, accurate suspension, impeccable fueling, and an addictive growl from the exhaust pipes. I won't get to take it home for a few more days because I need to arrange a license plate, registration transfer, insurance, etc. Being a newcomer to Germany means I'm still learning my way through the bureaucratic red tape, but I expect to get it home shortly. The upside is that since buying the bike, I have arranged to rent a private garage just a short walk from home.

2006 KTM 990 Super Duke

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