Saturday, March 30, 2013


With my upcoming move to Berlin planned for July/August, I decided a while ago that both bikes would have to go. I spent the winter months stripping off the upgrade farkles from the DR and returning it to stock. I made good coin selling parts on eBay, ADV Rider, and on local classified websites. Raked in $3,000 for the farkles, and I sold the bike last weekend for $2,500. It was quick and painless. It's gone and I will miss that bike. However, I had as much fun building,  wrenching, and tinkering with the big DR as I had riding it.

The WR will be sold at a later date, some time in late June, probably. Already have a buyer lined up.

Here's the DR on the day I bought it in June '09

This photo is from Aug '11, after extensive mods and upgrades

And here's what it looked like the day I sold it in March '13

Pretty much back to stock condition.