Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sensational fall weather riding

The weather was just too nice to be at work-- sunny and 20 degrees Celcius is unseasonably warm for the end of October so I arranged for a day off.

John had confirmed he'd be riding with me and whoever else we could con into coming with us. I conned Steve, and Dave, but Dave had a legitimate excuse to bail at the last minute. Then, John announced he was going to ride his Honda street bike with some others from the Manypause gang instead of some offroad riding with us . You see, John really doesn't like to get his KTM dirty. He pretends that it doesn't bother him, but we all know it really does. 

All in all, it was a very nice ride. Some gravel roads, some double track, some fairly easy single track, some mud, some water. A little bit of everything. We even ran into John and his large entourage of street riders at Munford's Restaurant in Calabogie.

We ran into a group of more than a dozen Manypause
road riders, who were also enjoying the nice weather.

Steve and I stopped to check out 
this old shell of a log building

At this spot, we got off the bikes to investigate 
the water. Quite a swampy area with a 
beaver dam, and lots of soft, deep mud.

Here's some video from the day. If you watch 
through 'till the end, you'll see me ride off into 
the rhubarb... careless riding because I was 
focussed on my GPS instead of watching the 
road ahead. I ultimately decided to just skid 
straight into the run-off because it was open 
and flat, having been recently bush-whacked.