Friday, September 7, 2012

Giant Loop luggage

Made my own rack. The Pro-Moto Billet rack I've been using was OK, 
but I wanted something that tapered near the front, and something 
a little longer to allow for a 10L dry bag to be bungeed onto the rear. 
This DIY solution was cheap and quite easy. 

The Giant Loop Mojavi system is durable, minimalist, and waterproof.

The side pouches hold about 4.5 Litres each, and 1.5 Litres on the top.
Total storage is ~ 10 Litres.

Then, I added a 10 Litre dry bag to the rear with bungee cords. 
Worked very well.

Instead of a traditional tank bag, I went with the 
Giant Loop Buck N' Roll tank luggage. It's similar to the 
Mojavi saddle bag system in that it has 3 separate storage 
compartments. I paid $119 for it at RockyMountainATV
Like the Mojavi, it's very rugged and waterproof. 

Combined, the Giant Loop front and rear luggage bags I purchased worked very well during a grueling 6-day ride which included 900 miles of mountain passes.  And when I added a 10L dry bag, I had plenty of storage for a week's worth of crap.