Monday, July 30, 2012

Colorado Trip - just a few days away

It's the final countdown to our 11-day trip for offroad riding in Colorado. Things get underway in just 2 days. Here's the plan: John and I only travel in style, so we are flying to St. Louis because that's how we roll. Our motorcycles will be trailered by Jason and Eric, who will share the driving for the gruelling 20 hours from Ottawa to St. Louis. John and I will soak in Paul's pool, drink his beer and eat his food while we wait for Jason and Eric to show up with our bikes. 

Once the entire Ottawa crowd has made it to Paul's, we'll hang out for a couple of days, then swap Jason's Touareg for Paul's 4-door Dodge Ram 2500 truck, and the 5 of us will roll down the superslab to Donnie's place in Denver for a night. Russell (who lives somewhere near Donnie) will join us there.   

At Donnie's we'll unload the bikes and ride out from there. It'll be a 2-day ride of trails and dirt roads to Ouray (Colorado), where we'll stay in a hotel and run day rides based out of Ouray for 5 or 6 days. Then we ride back to Donnie's, and I will fly out of Denver, as I head to Hawaii to join my wife and kids who are house/dog-sitting for friends. The others will drive back to Paul's in St. Louis, and then Eric, Jason and John will drive Jason's Touareg back to Ottawa.

Just 2 more sleeps until we leave. Can't wait.

I was quite busy this weekend with a bunch of maintenance: oil and filter change, iridium spark plug, air filter cleaned and oiled, chain squeaky clean, Giant Loop Mojavi and Buck n' Roll luggage systems, IMS 3 gallon fuel tank installed, and a new 120/90-18 Dunlop D606 rear tire. I think she's good to go.

Today, we loaded the 4 Ottawa bikes onto the trailer. My WR250, Jason's WR250, John's KTM 690, and Eric's BMW GX450. It's snug, but this borrowed trailer is rated for 3500 lbs. Jason's turbo diesel VW has the pulling power of a freight train.

the 4 Ottawa bikes loaded onto Dennis' trailer

new rubbah.... a meaty D606 for my WR