Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Manypause Ride - 2012

A bunch of Manypausers got together for a ride in the dirt this past Sunday (Father's Day). 

Early morning meeting spot for the first group on the side of the highway 

Big Jim recently sold his DR650 and acquired a more road-oriented F650. 
He wasn't coming out for the ride, rather, he just came to the meeting spot to socialize.

Jason G, his friend Mike and son Christian trailered their orange bikes to Calabogie.
This hay field was the the meeting spot for the 1st and 2nd groups.  Nine (9) riders in all.

We had to deal with a fallen tree in this spot.

Time for lunch/brunch at Munford's

Ovi's 530

Cameron at Eagle's Nest

Jason G watering the ferns