Saturday, May 26, 2012

WR250X rear shock replacement

A couple of months ago, I picked up a used shock and had it re-valved by WER Suspension in New Jersey. Doing it this way saved me from having the bike laid up while the work was being done. I just got around to installing the newly rebuilt shock today... in preparation for an upcoming dual sport event I am taking part in this Sunday.

Pulling the old shock from the bike was a piece of cake. About 15 minutes, tops.  Cleaning the bolts, applying a bit of grease, and installing the new shock took another 15 minutes or so.

When I finished, I went for a quick test ride around the neighbourhood for a few minutes. It definitely has an improved feel.

Step 1: Get the bike up on a stand so that the rear wheel 
is just about off the ground. An adjustable stand is perfect for this.

Step 2: Remove the nut from the lower yoke of the linkage assembly

Step 3: Remove the nut from the upper shock bolt

Step 4: Remove the nut from the lower shock bolt
At this point, you've removed only the three nuts, no bolts.

Step 5: Now, find a long rod or some type of drift and a hammer, 
and gently tap each of the three bolts to remove them. I started with 
the two bolts at the bottom, followed by the top shock mount bolt.

Bottom bolts removed, the dog bones will hang free.

Top shock mount bolt removed

Step 6: With the left side panel removed, just pull the shock up 
and out from the side. It doesn't get any easier than this.

The old shock on the left has seen a measly 3,500 Kms  
On the right is the used shock I bought and had rebuilt.

Re-installation is the same steps as the removal, but in reverse.

I also took a few minutes and applied some fresh synthetic waterproof grease to the  bushings/bearings/bolts. No, I didn't completely remove the entire linkage/yoke assembly for a full bearing service --- my bike has just 3,500 Kms on the odometer, so that will probably happen next year.