Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WR250 crash -- Ouch! The pain!

This past Sunday was the 2012 Steve Garnsey Trail Ride and Dave, Jason, and I made plans to take part. Dave and I threw our bikes on my trailer to get there, while Jason rode. I offered to ride as the sweeper for the agressive dual sport route.  After everyone left the start line, Dave, Jason, and I waited a few minutes and we then began to follow. Just 5 minutes into the ride, we passed by what appeared to be a motocross track in the middle of a hay field. In order to let the other riders get ahead of us by a comfortable distance, we decided to take a few minutes to play on the track, as a warm up exercise, if you will.

Well, within about 90 seconds, I was regretting the decision. I was having a blast riding a casual pace and testing out my newly rebuilt rear shock when I approached a small jump -- or, what I thought was a small jump. Maybe it was the tall grass, maybe it was the sun in my eyes, maybe it was just me being stupid, but it really looked like a small jump to catch a bit of air in 2nd gear. Who knows? But just before I got to the top of this little jump, I realized the only way to clear the distance of this jump would be to have been speeds of 50 mph or more!  Holy shit, this is going to hurt! At the very last second, I attempted to abort the jump and exit to the left. Too late, I was headed down a very steep hill that was about 10 feet high. In hindsight,  should have pinned the throttle and hoped for the best. Here, just watch for yourself. I was wearing my GoPro camera with the chest mount strap:

It was nearly 30 seconds before I could take that first breath after having the wind knocked out of my lungs. I remember the panicked feeling of not being able to breathe -- seemed like forever and I was ready to black out.

Dave rode back to the starting point and got my truck and trailer, then he and Jason loaded my bike and Dave's onto the trailer, and me into the truck. Dave took me to the hospital down the road. They did a bunch of x-rays but they also wanted a CT scan of my head and abdomen, but it was a small town and the hospital didn't have a weekend technician for the CT scan machine. So, they sent me by ambulance to Ottawa, the hospital just 5 minutes from my home.

After all the blood work, urine samples, x-rays, ultrasound, and three CT scans, here's what the doctors came up with: bruising to a bunch of ribs and several organs, left kidney and lungs...heart, maybe. My spleen took the worst beating but didn't rupture. A little bit of internal bleeding but not a lot -- and likely from the spleen as it sustained the most damage. No broken bones, but collar bone was dislocated. And my head suffered a mild concussion. My neck and entire spine is seriously stiff and sore from top to bottom but no real damage. Rib cage is incredibly tender all around (front, back, both sides).

So, I'll be wearing a neck brace for a few days, and my right arm is in a sling to take the weight off my collar bone.

Just when I thought there couldn't possibly be any more pain... that's when I woke up and discovered the truth about that old saying "that's gonna hurt even more tomorrow!" Oh... my.... god.... It was painful yesterday but this morning it's much worse than I could have imagined. But at least I'm at home now.

Yes, I intend to ride the Roaming Rally in 2 weeks. I may need to sign up for a yoga class before then.

Oh, and damage to the bike?  A broken mirror.