Sunday, April 22, 2012

WR250 rear shock rebuild

From the factory, the rear shock on the WR is similar to that found on the DR.  In other words, the valving sucks.  I thought  about removing the shock over the winter and sending it off to a professional suspension shop to have it rebuilt/revalved, but I just never got around to it.

Recently, I found someone selling a gently used shock from a 2010 WR250X which had 3 or 4 thousand miles on it. I bought it for $100 and the seller just happened to live in New Jersey, not far from a well known suspension shop called WER Suspension. A few people from the WR250 forum have had lots of good things to say about these guys and the great work they do rebuilding suspension for the WR.

So, the seller agreed to drop off the used shock at WER instead of shipping it to me. I called WER and spoke with Drew, explaining my plan for the used shock, and my request to have them ship it to me once they've rebuilt it. They called me a few days later to confirm the work was done, and to get my credit card number for the work. They billed me for $230 which included all the revalving work and the shipping charges.

Here is it, ready to be installed in the bike.  I may not get around to it for a couple of weeks, or maybe even a month or so, as I'll be away soon on a business trip.  I'll report back once I get it installed, and after I've had a chance to ride on it.

Only the shock's internals have been upgraded. Drew advised me to keep the OEM spring (rated for 7.7 Kg/mm) and try the upgraded shock with just the new valving work. He suggested that with the proper valving, the stock spring should be just fine for riders up to 200 lbs.  Since I'm right at the limit, I considered going up to an 8.3 Kg/mm spring, but he reminded me that I could always change the spring later if I didn't like it.