Friday, March 30, 2012

Toronto AMA Supercross, kayaks, and rally cars

Last weekend, John and I went to Toronto to see the 2012 Supercross races at Skydome. My 9 yr-old daughter seems to have caught the motorcycle bug from me, and she begged to come along, too. Off we went for a weekend road trip.

On the way to Toronto, we stopped for a look at 
GP Bikes in Oshawa.

The race was held at the Skydome 
(called Rogers Centre now)

Stayed at the fancy, schmancy Royal York Hotel, 
just a block away from the Skydome.

Supercross girls

This resulted in a spectacular crash. 
See YouTube video below:

On the way home, we stopped to visit John's cousin.
He owns a factory where they manufacture canoes and kayaks, 
and more recently, an outdoor lounge chair. This guy is also a very 
serious rally racer. You can't swing a cat by the tail without 
hitting a rally car: he's got dozens of cars.

He also has an interesting antique telephone
made by Northern Electric.Yes, it still works.

Early '60's International with 1982 Chevy Blazer drive train

One of many, many rally cars. Most are built on the 
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution platform.

An old European Ford Escort from the early '70's
... it's getting an engine transplant

Cosworth 4-banger being dropped into the old Escort

1968? Porche 911 undergoing some restoration work

This rally car was previously owned by some famous racer
 (can't remember the name)

European Ford Escort with a very powerful Cosworth engine.

The mould-ovens

This is one seriously quick car: a real sleeper.
I got to drive it. Extremely rare, it was originally sold on the
Japanese market, then brought to the UK and driven on the road
by some famous UK rally racer, and finally, Ian bought it and 
imported it to Canada. Extremely powerful, and very high-tech for a 1996.
Right-hand drive, too. Way fun to drive.

This is John driving the tricked out Mitsubishi Evolution IV

This guy had more Mitsubishi Evolutions than you could shake a stick at.

A very tricked-out Subaru

Hundred of Kayaks

Kayaks ready to go

The mould for the "Most Comfortable Chair"

Kayak and/or canoe moulds

Had a very nice lunch at this bistro style restaurant.
It's quite an upscale spot for a small, rural town.

My passenger was tired