Sunday, March 4, 2012

IMS 3.1 gallon tank, Giant Loop luggage

Placed an order today for some new farkles. Can't wait. Giant Loop's waterproof/dustproof luggage system is supposed to be the bomb from everything I've read. Durable and top quality. And the large IMS fuel tank will add some distance between fuel stops. The  stock tank on the WR250 holds just under 2 gallons. This new one carries 4.75 gals.

UPDATE:  After reading lots of info about various problems people have had with the giant 4.75 gallon IMS tank, I called to change my order before it was too late. I decided I would compromise and get the 3.1 gallon tank (also made by IMS). While it doesn't carry quite as much fuel, it still holds nearly 5 litres more than the stock tank. And while Safari makes a slightly larger 3.5 gallon tank, some people have also reported issues with it as well, plus it costs nearly 2.5 times the price of the smaller IMS tank.

The problems I read about that concern the 4.75 gallon tank is mostly with leaks (brass plugs at the bottom of each wing) and some have also reported issues with being able to use all of the fuel in the tank. There is a vacuum operated secondary pump inside the tank and it's apparently less than perfect. No thanks, don't need those headaches. The Safari tank also has similar issues (not with leaks, rather, with being able to suck all of the fuel from the wings --- it also has a secondary pump that runs off vacuum pressure). Also some have reported trouble caused by the placement of the primary pump and a risk of it burning up because once you get below 1/2 a tank it's no longer completely submerged in fuel, especially if you're riding over rough terrain).  For these reasons, I decided to go with the tried and true -- but smaller capacity -- 3.1 gallon IMS. It also happens to be the cheapest (approx. $270).

Giant Loop Buckin' Roll tank bag

Giant Loop MoJavi saddlebags

IMS 4.75 gallon fuel tank. This is not my bike, 
but the only photo I could find of that tank shown in black, 
on a WR250. This way, I know exactly how it will look.

The 3.1 gallon IMS tank that I settled for. It looks and fits 
much like the stock tank, yet it holds almost 5  litres more.