Sunday, February 5, 2012

WR250X street wheels, rotors, sprockets, and tires

So when I bought the WR, it came with an aftermarket set of offroad wheels and tires mounted on the bike (SM Pro wheels, and Dunlop D606 knobby tires). I simply put the OEM wheels and tires in the basement to be able to swap back and forth between dirt and street riding. 

But when the previous owner bought the aftermarket dirt wheels, he bought them without brake rotors (to save himself a few bucks, I suppose).  That meant I would have to transfer the brake discs back and forth between wheelsets. Screw that.  I knew right away that I would just be ordering an extra set of rotors.

I finally ordered a set of OEM rotors from and received them just before Christmas. It was interesting to see that the new rotors were both stamped "Licensed by Galfer."  They set me back $200 for the pair, not a bad price at all for quality components.

The original wheels had the OEM rear sprocket attached.  Stock gearing on the WR250X is a 13-tooth up front, and a 42-tooth steel piece in the rear.  While I quite liked the 13/49 gearing used with the offroad wheels, it's hardly practical on the street --- not so bad around town, but horrible on the highway.  So, while ordering new brake rotors for the OEM wheels, I decided to get a nice set of 14/48 sprockets. I went with steel sprockets from SuperSprox (purchased from

I got around to mounting the new rotors and rear sprocket this past week... it's been a long winter and I'm waiting for spring. I also took the time to clean and polish the wheels up, including the spokes. Also used a bit of Armor All tire foam and cleaned up the rubber. All ready for the road, now.... just gotta get rid of all this snow.

OEM brake rotors made by Galfer
14/48 front and rear SuperSprox sprocket set (steel)
7 Neutron brand oil filters
spare Kenda heavy duty 18" tube

Before installing the new rotors and sprocket, I went to a
local fastener supply store and picked up a bunch of good quality
stainless steel Allen-head bolts and some nylon lock nuts. Using
nice hardware to mount the new parts is well worth a few extra dollars.

New rotors and rear sprocket mounted.
These are the original Bridgestone Battlax BT-090 tires.
The have about a thousand miles on them.