Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter upgrades for the WR

Well, it's winter: time for upgrades. When I bought the WR, it came with two sets of rims & tires. The aftermarket dirt wheels were mounted on the bike, and I put the OEM street wheels in the basement. When the previous owner bought the dirt wheels, he transferred the OEM brake rotors onto the new rims, and he bought and aftermarket 13/49 Renthal sprocket set and a 520 RK chain.  Well, I don't plan on swapping the rotors back and forth between wheel sets, so I ordered a new set of OEM rotors to bolt onto the OEM rims. I also decided to ditch the 13/42 OEM sprockets for the OEM rims, so I ordered a set of 14/48 Supersprox sprockets.

I also got 7 oil filters, and a Kenda 2.5mm Heavy Duty butyl rubber 100/100-18 tube as a spare for the rear aftermarket dirt rim. I always like to have a spare tube on hand. I've got a selection of 17" and 21" .... I just didn't have a spare 18" on hand.

Finally, I picked up a brand new pair of side panels, still sealed in the factory packaging. Yes, genuine Yamaha OEM pieces, in the factory WRX black. I didn't need these, but I couldn't pass them up: $36 shipped for the pair!!! That was a steal. For that price, I just wanted to have them set aside as spares.

These are the OEM wheels. There were no brake rotors 
mounted on them, and I don't plan on using the OEM sprockets.
The stock gearing is 13/42 but my new Superspox gearing is 14/48.

The sprockets, oil filters, and tube came from for $101.
The brake rotors are from and cost $203.

Interestingly, the OEM rotors are both stamped "Licensed by Galfer" 

 My next order for the WR will include a Safari fuel tank, and Wolfman side racks, and a muffler re-packing kit.  The DR will also need a few things (ex: new battery for sure).