Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Way to go, GoPro - great service!

Thought I would write a quick note just to say how great GoPro's support is.  A few months ago, I contacted them to say that the audio recording on my GoPro 960 video camera was showing intermittent problems: while recording, it would occasionally and without warning just stop recording the would keep recording -- it would just stop recording sound... or sometimes the audio would just turn to a scratchy, static sound. They asked me to provide a sample, so I uploaded a video on YouTube:

Listen to the audio scratchy audio before the 1:35 mark, and the normal sounding audio after 1:35

Anyway, GoPro asked me to ship the camera back to them, and they sent me a brand new replacement very quickly.  I just forwarded them a copy of my electronic sales receipt (yes, it was still under the one year warranty).  Awesome service. The new replacement has worked very well.

And just recently, I managed to break the plastic latch that locks the waterproof housing closed. Don't ask me how, but I broke it. It has always seemed to take a little encouragement to get the thing closed tightly. I've learned that you need to press the door tightly against the main part of the housing when you flip the locking latch mechanism, but a certain amount of pressure is still 
required. So, I contacted them again and they asked me to supply a photo of the broken latch:

And once again, GoPro's service has come through. They are quick to reply to my inquiry, and have promised to send out a free replacement immediately.  It's great service like this that makes me want to buy another GoPro.