Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New bike: Yamaha WR250X

Well, it happened sooner than later. I had been casually shopping for a WR250R (dual sport version) or WR250X (super moto version) to have for trail and track duty. Being late in the fall, the Yamaha dealers have deep discounts and incentives on new ones; and reasonably priced used ones are hard to come by. But I managed to overcome temptation and convinced myself to wait until the spring to begin a serious quest for a WR.  But then something unexpected happened: a local riding buddy sent me an ad he spotted on ADVRider.com. After that, I lost all sense of reasoning and just had to have this blinged-out '09 WR250X and all of its accessories.  The only obstacle to overcome was the fact that it was in New York. Oh well, a bit of reading on the import/export process for motorcycles between Canada and the US, plus an 8-hour drive to suburban NYC to get the bike.

Fortunately, the process of exporting the bike from the US and importing it to Canada wasn't so bad. While not overly complicated, the required steps must be done properly and in the correct order. Once all my ducks were lined up, getting across the border with the bike took all of 20 minutes.

Hittin' the road at 8:30am Sunday

Near Albany Snow? WTF? Apparently the south-eastern areas of NY
(and much of the coastal parts of New England) had an early snow/ice storm. Funny,
because in Canada we've been having an extended summer.

Shortly after picking up the bike near White Plains, NY.
Heading for the border.

Ah, back in Canada with the new WR250X.

These are the OEM supermoto wheels. The dirt wheels/tires currently mounted
on the bike are aftermarket, made by Wheeling Cycle Supply. Swapping between street and
dirt will be easy with this setup.