Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ditch work to ride

Couldn't help but take advantage of this terrific fall weather, so I took a day off work to go riding with some fellow inmates from ADVRider. Denis organized the ride and proposed a route which involved some gravel roads in the Gatineau Park area.  The day was sunny and 14 Celcius.  Not really shorts and t-shirt weather, but for this time of the year it was a real treat from Mother Nature.

This was my first real ride on the new WR. Until this ride, I only rode it to work a couple of times. She's light and nimble, and the fuel injection works flawlessly. With 13/49 gearing, though, she's a little high strung on the highway -- not that we rode much on the highway, but let's just say the engine sings a little when you're doing 100 Km/h. But she's very willing to take it.

252 Kms. About 1/2 paved roads, 1/2 gravel roads

J-C's KLX250

Stopped to air down the tires a bit

Denis's KLX250S

Stopped for lunch at Subway, near Gracefield, QC

This was the first real run I did with the WR since I bought it last week.

Stopped to see some horses shortly after lunch.

Juame's recent purchase - an '03 KTM 640 Adventure
(a.k.a. The Paint Shaker). It's like the Buick Enclave of dirt bikes: powerful, comfortable, beautiful suspension, a great all-rounder. But this model's reputation for having lots of engine vibrations is quite true and accurate. Awesome machine, vibrations and all. He bought it earlier this summer but I hadn't seen him since then.

Stopping to empty our bladders on the ride home.

And some video footage from the day's ride