Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ditch work to ride, again!

I took Monday off to ride with some fellow ADV'ers, and the awesome weather continued. So after not being able to concentrate at work on Tuesday because I was distracted by the nice weather, I just had to go riding on Wednesday. Not quite as sunny, but still very mild for November. It reached 15 Celsius. 

John  borrowed my motorcycle trailer for a few hours on Tuesday to haul his KTM 690 to his winter storage place. Then when he was dropping off the trailer, I convinced him to ditch work the next day and come riding with me.

John: But I just put my bike away for the winter!
Me: So what!  Take my DR. I want to ride the WR, and my DR has just been parked for over a week now. 

With that, a plan was hatched. He showed up at my place the next morning. We suited up and rode to Starbucks for a proper start to the day. We went to our usual riding location for some fast gravel roads: Tatlock Rd, California Rd, Darling Rd, Old Almonte Rd, Old Perth Rd, and a few others. Lunch in our favourite place: the home style restaurant in White River. 

As we arrived for coffee, a fellow ADV'er spotted us and stopped 
to say hello. We chatted for a bit and then he was heading off to work.

John getting rid of his coffee.

What a gorgeous day.

Tatlock quarry road was blocked off  just a 1/4 mile down the road

so we turned back and went exploring off a nearby trail 

Found and abandoned house and a foundation of a small outbuilding

spotted what looked to be a bicycle buried in the tall grass

appeared to have been left in the grass for at least 5 years

The last 2 minutes is close to the Tatlock mine quarry gate

6th Concession Rd (a trail, really, not a road) that leads to an abandoned house in the woods.