Monday, October 24, 2011

Went for yet another terrific fall ride in the woods. The weather is definitely a bit cooler these days but temps have not yet dipped below the freezing point. I invited Dave to come along and meet some of the guys from the Manypause club. In all, we there were 5 of us for today's ride: John with his 690 Enduro R, Jason and his WR250R, Cameron on his G450X, Dave with his KLX400, and me on my trusty DR. Familiar dirt roads and power line trails. Old Almonte Rd, Old Perth Rd, Tatlock Rd, Darling Rd, California Rd, power line trails off Hwy 511, and some nice double track off Little Green Rd. A great day!

Gas stop in Almonte

Lunch in White Lake (this place has good food)

Do dirt biker's shit in the woods?  Fortunately, I always carry some ass-wipe
in my pack. John went off to find a quiet spot down another trail -- 
and promptly got mud splashed on him as he squatted when a
gang of roaring ATV's went ripping down that trail.

Always a show-off. That's me goofing around while the others 
were topping up their fuel tanks.

Here are the video highlights.  Check out the deep water at 4:55 mark.
It doesn't appear quite as deep on video because the water is being split away
from the bike by my tires, but rest assured  -- it was at least 18 or 20 inches deep.
For the first 1/2, Jason was riding my DR, and I was riding his WR.