Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Calabogie Boogie

This past weekend was the 21st Annual Calabogie Boogie.  A record-size crowd of 240 riders showed up for the 2-day ride.

Last year I rode the main trail ride with my buddy Dave and his two friends (who traveled from far, far away). While it was fun and I assumed I would do the same again this year, I heard the organizers were looking for volunteers to work as sweepers for the Dual Sport Adventure Route so I threw my name in.  As a sweeper, you still ride ---- but you ride at the end of the line, following the others to make sure no one is stranded with a flat tire, broken bones, out of gas, etc.  Plus, as a volunteer, you don't have to pay the registration fee.

The Dual Sport Adventure Route is less aggressive than the main trail ride -- which is intended for pure off-road bikes (enduro, motocross, or whatever non-street-legal bike you ride). Parts of the dual sport route share some of the same segments as the main trail ride, but not the really tough sections. And there tends to be some gravel roads connecting one trail to the next. Essentially the DS route is a bit easier in terms of the difficulty level -- which is just fine with me given that my arthritis has been bothering me lately ... and having to muscle a big, heavy DR650 through trails designed for a 250cc enduro bike (weighing 100 lbs less than my bike) is quite a chore.

And after riding the DS route for both days, I have to say the route was amazing. There were definitely some challenging sections but nothing impossible for a porky 650, and some of the gravel roads were a blast to run with a bit of speed (an opportunity the trail riders missed).

After two full days, I was exhausted. Every bone and muscle in my body was sore when I got home on Sunday evening. But I would do it again next weekend.

And a couple of videos from my GoPro camera:

Day 1

Day 2