Monday, August 15, 2011

Ride around Lavant, Poland, Calabogie

After checking the weather forecast on Thursday, I decided Friday looked better for riding than Saturday -- Saturday was to be stinking hot with lots of humidity, while Friday was sunny but not quite so hot.  So I packed up my Pelican 1500 with spare front & rear tubes, my regular tools, 12V air pump, water, Gatorade, energy bars, spare cell phone / camera / GPS batteries, and some fishing stuff.

I brought my GoPro 960 camera along as usual. It was recently replaced under warranty because the old one suddenly developed a bug in which it would randomly stop recording sound. Very annoying how the audio would cut in and out while recording. But I've gotta say that GoPro was awesome to deal with. Once their tech support people agreed that my camera was in fact defective, it was as simple as sending it back to them, and a brand new one shipped out right away. They were great in their communication with me, too, sending me email updates every step of the way (they emailed me as soon as my defective unit arrived at their offices, and another email to confirm that they tested it and confirmed the defect, then another email the next day to let me know that a replacement was shipped out, plus the tracking code for the shipping. All in all, they were great to deal with. They stood behind their product 100% and gave me terrific service.

Got lots of bites at Green Lake but I only managed to lose 4 lures before I moved on.

Testing out my new Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx, alongside my trusty
Garmin Oregon 300. Both are quite similar, but they are also quite different.

Joe's lake. While I didn't lose any lures here, I still didn't catch any fish.

Testing the timer function on my phone's camera.

The two GPS units on RAM mounts, with my new
Tusk Chub Big Bars in the ATV bend. They are nice
and high compared to the lower YZ bend bars I had.  
These are much more comfy when standing on the pegs.

A green swampy hole just off New Road (off Hwy 511)

Somewhere along the K & P rail trail.

Some video highlights from the day's ride. All together,
I managed 300 Kms with about 3 hours of fishing.
I used the GoPro chest mount harness for most of the
front-facing video, plus I used a custom RAM mount I made
for the GoPro camera, attached to the rear luggage rack.