Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Riding with intravenous pumps

A couple of photos from a recent ride with the ManyPause gang... I wore my twin intravenous pumps and bags of antibiotics.  The good news is that I am no longer receiving antibiotics intravenously... pill form oral antibiotics now. The PICC line remains in my arm as a precaution just in case the infection returns. If everything is all clear when I finish the pills in 2 weeks, then they'll remove the PICC from my arm.

Showing the boys how the PICC line in my arm connects to the 
pair of vinyl tubes that are taped to my body, under my gear/clothes 
and down into a pair of fanny packs around my waist, where they 
are connected to a pair of battery operated pumps.

The PICC runs inside the vein in my bicep, then up my shoulder and into a giant artery inside my chest, next to my heart. This way, the toxic antibiotics are less likely to cause damage to the veins (because the size of the vein in your chest is much larger and flows much more blood than the smaller veins in your arm).

Here you can see the two blue fanny packs that hold the 
bags of intravenous antibiotics and the electronic pumps.

What the fuck? Are you really gonna ride with that shit plugged into 
your arm? Seriously?

Here's what the setup looks like when not tucked neatly into 
the fanny packs. I tape the clear vinyl tubing to my body, under my shirt -- 
much like an FBI informant who wears a wire.