Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rear shock upgrade - completed

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my plan to have Cogent Dynamics rebuild and upgrade the rear shock. Well, I just got back from a 2-week long business trip and the newly upgraded shock was waiting for me when I got home.

The "before" photo: the OEM shock with a 7.5 Kg/mm spring from ProCycle

The "after" photo: the same OEM shock with the full Cogent treatment.

So the shock was rebuilt and upgraded by Cogent Dynamics in North Carolina. Here's a rundown of the work they did:

  • new longer and thicker shaft (Yikes! Sounds like a penis enlargment scam!)
  • new lower mounting clevis
  • added a compression adjustment clicker knob, the red thingy (previously, there was compression damping adjustment)
  • new 8.1 Kg/mm Eibach spring
  • anodized the shock body exterior
  • ceramic-coated the body interior for better heat dissipation
  • new seal head assembly with with bushing seals and O-rings
  • new piston with a custom-made shim stack for me (a 200 lb. rider)
  • new needle and needle jet
  • new spring clip

By the time it was done, and round-trip shipping paid from Canada to North Carolina, the whole thing worked out to $601 on my Visa card. A lot of money, yes, but others who have done it all agree it's worth every penny. They were also kind enough to return the aftermarket spring I had installed last summer (a 7.5 Kg/mm spring from ProCycle). I've already sold the ProCycle spring for $100.  The original spring from the factory was a soft and squishy 6.5 Kg/mm. Can't wait to install this thing and go for a ride. Just gotta wait for the snow to melt.

Also waiting for me was a spare front wheel I bought on eBay. With the new RMZ front end, I have a wheel already but I found a deal on a front RMZ wheel in very good condition. So, now I have 2 full sets of wheels. I intend to have a set of knobbies mounted on one set, and a pair of more street worthy rubber mounted on the other set.

'07 RMZ250 front wheel found on eBay for $100.
Very nice condition, will make a nice spare.