Thursday, January 13, 2011

rear shock upgrade

Upgrading the front suspension hardly seems worth the effort if you ignore the rear pogo stick.

So, after many hours reading and researching all the options, I've finally decided to go with a complete rebuild of my OEM shock. Cogent Dynamics is well known for building quality shocks and many DR owners have praised Cogent's work when it comes to making a tired old shock perform a million times better.

Here's exactly what the upgrade will include:

". . . a new seal head assembly with bushings, seals and o-rings, a new shock shaft with provision for the rebound transfer rod, a new mounting clevis with a CNC’d aluminum adjuster knob for rebound damping control, a new piston with shims, a needle jet and needle for the same and a new spring clip to mount either the stock shock spring.

In addition to the high quality parts and expert installation, each shock is custom setup to your needs and thoroughly tested on our Roehrig Damper Dynamometer to ensure you of the optimum performance."
I will also spend the extra cash for the optional Mil Spec hard coating (AOL3 Ceramic), which
". . . provides lower internal operating friction, lower temperatures, longer time between servicing as well as extending the longevity of the shock."
The deal is that I remove the shock, box it up and ship it to North Carolina. Once they've completed all the work, they ship it back to me. From what I've heard, it will barely be recognizable as my original part.  All of this will cost me well over $500 with shipping but their customers all swear it's worth every penny.

I pulled the shock this evening, packed it neatly in a box, and dropped it off at the post office. I expect to have it back in 3-4 weeks, which is good because we'll still have snow on the ground.

the "before" picture

Update on the RMZ front end swap: I ordered some new All Balls Racing fork seals and have not found the time to install them yet. I hope to do it this weekend. I also bought a new set of All Balls Racing steering stem bearings, and some Permatec Ultra Slick Extreme Sport synthetic grease. I'm also hoping to polish the triple clamps and get it all bolted on the frame in the next 2 weeks.