Thursday, November 4, 2010

Michelin T63 tires - tread wear update

OK, here's an update on my favourite tires.  With just under 5,000 Kms on them, these are the best value I've ever had for $55 a piece.

I removed the screw from the rear tire and replaced the tube. Yes, it's worn now, but there are still one or two-thousand Kms left, and the front tire is barely 1/2 worn.

Brand new Michelin T63
Tread depth 10mm.

after 1,750 Kms

after 2,500 Kms

after 4,800 Kms. 
Tread depth is about 5-6mm.

When I re-installed the tire following Monday's flat, I flipped the tire so that the slanted wear of the knobs are now facing the other way. This will help to even out the knobs during the last miles left in this great tire. I hoping the real winter snow and cold will hold off to allow me a few more weeks of commuting. If I can make it 'till Christmas then I'll toss this tire and mount a new one. I expect to have about 6,000 Kms on it by then.

Very pleased with this tire given the price tag. I've abused it to no end on the street, accelerating hard all the time, wheelies every chance I get on city streets. Not a nice way to treat a knobby.

I've got a new set of T63's in the basement!