Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flat tire

Well, I got to try out my trailer today after all...

Rode to work. At lunch, I was going to zip home and discovered my rear tire was flat. So, I stayed around the office for lunch and asked a few people until I found a mini bicycle pump to borrow from a co-worker (thanks, Grant). At quitting time, I managed to pump it up to ~25 psi after about 8 million pumps. My arm was ready to fall off. I headed for home immediately, and planned to stop at a service station with a real air compressor pump just in case. By the time I got there (about 2 Kms) the tire was nearly flat. I pumped it up to about 30 psi and rode about another 1.5 Kms before it was completely flat.  At that point I was running out of time because I was on my way to meet my kids' school bus. I parked it on a quiet side street and quickly flagged down a taxi. Made it to the school bus stop just in time.

A short while later, I packed the kids into the van and hooked up the trailer. Brought the bike home and pulled the rear tire off. I've got a new Michelin T63 in the basement, plus a new heavy duty tube. I'll tackle that tomorrow evening because now I'm having a beer.

Loaded on the trailer. A little tricky when you're doing it alone.

A rusty drywall screw.