Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another sunny Saturday ride, late fall

With the number of nice, sunny Saturdays dwindling, Dave and I decided to go for a ride today. The peak of the fall colours is now over, but it's still quite pretty. We started with day at Starbucks, then we headed to our usual riding area, in the direction of Lanark County and Calabogie. Great day of easy double-track, trails, some rocky power lines. With all the rain from the last 2 days, conditions were pretty wet and we saw some mud. That just made the ride more fun.

Not sure what this is about. This is where the trail begins, on Concession Rd #9 just past Almonte.

Pine forest

Found a nice wide double-track off California Rd, but it led to a dead end after a couple of miles (a chain gate across the path -- private property).