Monday, November 1, 2010

snow for Hallowe'en

Was supposed to go riding with Dave today. Yesterday was pretty soggy so we decided to plan for a Sunday ride instead because the forecast looked a little better. However, last evening the rain changed to snow and we got a couple of inches. By morning, it was beginning to melt, but it was barely a degree above freezing. With all of yesterday's rain, and the wet snow on the ground this morning, we abandoned our plan.

Our plan was to test out my new trailer and haul the bikes to Calabogie. Although it rained all day yesterday, I did bolt down the two tire tracks to the frame of the trailer.  These are actually galvanized steel commercial cable tray (the kind of rack used to support data, voice, and electrical wiring in commercial buildings -- it's suspended from the ceiling and cabling lies in the rack). I bought it from a local recycler for about $12-$20 each. I bought one narrow section (4.5" wide) and a wide one (7.5").  Quite sturdy.

This is what the weather was like at 9pm Saturday evening.
By noon on Sunday, the snow had melted off the road and the asphalt was beginning to dry up.

Hopefully Dave and I will have another opportunity to ride a few trails before winter really hits. Fingers crossed.