Monday, September 20, 2010

Valve adjustment, oil change, trailer progress

Didn't get any riding in this weekend, but I did get some maintenance done. First up was to check the valve clearances. The service manual says the intake valves should be betweek .006" - .008", and the exhaust valves should have a gap of .003" - .005".

Both intakes were a little on the loose side: my .008" feeler guage was able to slide in and out quite loosely. The trick I use to set them properly is to set the adjusters so that the .008" guage is tight. That way, the .007" guage fits nicely -- not too loose, not too snug. This ensures that you end up with an adjustment that's well within spec.

My exhaust valves were spot on and didn't require any adjustment. My .005" guage was a snug fit, and .004" fit perfectly.

Next it was on to the engine oil. It had been about 2,600 Kms since the last fresh jug of Rotella T 10W40. I still have a bunch of Hi-Flo Filtro oil filters since the box of 10 I purchased in the spring from ProCycle. This was also my first change since installing the Pat Walsh skid plate. It's a breeze because it has a hole for easy access to the engine oil drain bolt. Unlike that road sign skid plate I had been using, which required removal to access the drain plug.

Like a dumbass, though, I overfilled it by a little and had to take some out (that's the problem when pouring from a 1-gallon jug: it's hard to determine how much you're pouring. Oh, well. Not a big deal since I always go for a quick ride and check the oil level after an oil change.

I even gave the bike a quick wash -- because she deserves it once in a while

I also spent a couple of hours working on the trailer this weekend. I welded on the anchor support arms at the front, and drilled and bolted eye hooks at the the 4 corners, attached a safety chain and the hitch coupler, and finally I painted the whole thing using Tremclad Professional quick dry gloss black rattle can paint. I have a set of magnetic trailer lights that are super convenient to use. Just plug-em into the car and use the magnetic base on the lights to stick them where you need them. Not quite finished yet, but getting there.

 I even used the trailer for a quick trip to the lumber yard to pick up some more cedar so I can finish the deck I've been slowly building all summer.